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  • How do we book with Ambiance Event Designs?
    - First, Contact us through our website or social media. - Second, we discuss exactly what you would like. - Then we send you an invoice and a 50% deposit is required to secure your event in our calendar and it is non-refundable.
  • What happens if our event gets cancelled?
    Great quesion! All deposits are non refundable. a credit will be held on your account indefinitely and can be used in future. You can even gift your deposit to a friend :)
  • What type of materials do you use?
    Ambiance Event Designs uses tools that are safe for walls when removed properly. We are not responsible for damages when items are not removed properly. We show our clients on the day of install how to remove hooks. If you have any questions on how to remove anything from your wall, please contact us first.
  • What Happens to the Balloons After My Event?
    The client is responsible for discarding/taking down balloons after their event. We can return for take down if necessary (fees apply). If you have questions about the best way to take your balloons down, send us an Email or Text!




Please keep in mind that balloons will pop under direct heat and prolonged sun exposure. We recommend planning your balloon installs under shaded areas if possible. Balloons last for weeks when kept indoors, their life span shortens significantly outdoors.

Thank you!

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